Custom Sawmill Service
Hoosier Reclaimed Timber owns and operates a Timber King B-20 sawmill. If you have logs that you would like to turn into valuable lumber, we can mill your logs into exact specifications.  Why cut those valuable trees into firewood or have them hauled to the landfill?  Our mill can handle logs up to 32" in diameter and up to 20' long.  We prefer to do all milling here at our facility.  Most customers have us kiln dry and process the lumber once milled.  When this is the case it makes more sense for us to mill the logs here at our location.  Please view the lumber processing page for more information on these services.  We can help you with transportation of logs if you do not have the equipment to deliver them.  Our mill is portable and we occassionally go onsite for large jobs.  Please see below for more information on onsite milling. 

Logs should be 8'-20' in length, 14"-32" in diameter.  Logs need to be clean of dirt/mud, branches, and large knots.  If you do not have the time or equipment to do this we can provide this labor for you. 

How We Charge
  • For flat sawn milling we charge $.50/bf for up to 6/4(1.5") and $.45/bf for 6/4 and up.  A board foot (bf) is 12"x12"x1". 
  • Quarter sawing, small logs, <8' long or <14" diameter, large logs >32" diameter, is $75/hr.
  • Cleaning logs, removing branches, and sizing large diameter logs is $50/hr..  
  • If a saw blade is broken due to foreign objects in your logs like metal, rocks, etc., there will be a $25 fee.
Milled Lumber Storage/Stickers
We are not sure how you plan to store/dry the wood once it is cut.  You will probably need some stickers that will go in between each layer of wood.  These are 1"x1" and around 4' long. They are placed every 16".  This allows the wood to dry properly.  We can cut them from your wood or I can provide them for $.50/ea.
Onsite Milling
Our Timber King B-20 is portable and can be transported to your site for large jobs.  We typically only go onsite for jobs that will take a week or more to complete.  This would consist of around 75 or more logs or complete cabin and timber frame packages.  We can bring our Bobcat track loader to move and stage logs. 
  • Travel and setup time is $50/hour. 
  • Onsite Milling is $100/hour. 
When considering our pricing, onsite or at our facility, please keep in mind that most sawmill operators are one man operations.  They require you to be present and help with off loading and stacking of all milled lumber.   We mill with a 2-3 man crew, weather it is onsite or at our location, and do not require your assistance.