Barn Removal
Do you have an old, pre 1930's barn on your property?  Maybe it is distressed, safety hazard, or your insurance company told you that your premiums would be less without the barn on your property.  We can come and dismantle your barn, free of charge, in exchange for all of the wood and other products.  If your barn is really nice and you think it is worth some money, we may be willing to pay for the barn.  The wood will be turned into custom reclaimed wood projects in homes, restaurants, and other commercial applications.  These projects will become heirlooms that will last another 100 or more years to come.  Please do not demolish a barn and burn it or have it hauled away to a landfill.  This will actually cost you money.  We are proud to provide this very eco-friendly way to possibly lower your liability, property tax and home owners insurance, while regaining usable land. In addition, we save some trees through the reclaiming of old barn wood.  We have our own crew, equipment and tools, and are insured. 
Our professional barn reclamation team will: 
  • Completely dismantle and remove the entire barn excluding anything that is inside the barn, the foundation, or silos. Any items inside of the barn are the owner’s responsibility unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.
  • Clean up the entire site leaving only ashes from burning non-salvageable barn wood and the foundation.  We do have the ability to dig a hole for burning and cover up the ash and debris.  If burning of barn wood is not allowed in your area other means of removal will need to be determined.
  • All salvageable barn materials that are attached to the barn become our property in lieu of removing the barn at no cost to the property owner. We evaluate each barn individually to determine if there is enough salvageable material to pay for the labor, machinery, and shipping involved in offering this free service.

If you have a barn that you would like us to consider for free removal or purchase, please follow the steps below:
  1. Fill out the barn removal request form to the best of your ability.  
  2. Email pictures of your barn.  Please include exterior views from all sides,  multiple wide interior views, close-ups of posts and beams, close-ups of floor joists and flooring.  Please do not include more than 4 pictures per email.  You can send multiple emails with groups of 4 pictures.  
  3. Please wait for us to review your information and contact you.  We receive many requests and try to answer all in the order received.