Reclaimed Barn Wood
Hoosier Reclaimed Timber carries a large inventory of reclaimed barn wood that we have salvaged from the many barns that we deconstruct on an annual basis.  All of our barn wood is transported to our shop where it is sorted, denailed, and neatly stacked in our yard.  We can accommodate orders of all sizes.  We have sold it by the car load, pick up truck load, or semi truck load.  We sell lumber in two basic forms.  "As is" out of the yard or "kiln dried".   The kiln drying process reduces moisture and eliminates any living insects inside the wood.  We also have the ability to process the lumber to various degrees.  To learn more about these value added services, please click on the Lumber Processing tab under Services.  Our inventory is constantly changing.  Not all sizes are always available.  Please check with us to make sure we have what you are looking for.  For ideas on how reclaimed wood can bring new life to your house, please visit the Barn Wood Products Page and Photo Gallery.  We also offer delivery service on all of our products.
Antique barn wood siding is weathered to give it a rich rustic look.  It comes in various widths and lengths.  Colors will range from various shades of weathered brown and grey.  We also carry painted siding as well.  The most common colors are weathered red and white.  Siding is typically 3/4"-1" thick.  Wide plank or ship lap.   The most common wood species are Oak, Poplar, and Pine.
Dimensional Lumber
Typically reclaimed from the floors, floor joists, and rafters in old barns.  Ranges from 1"-3" thick and 2"-14" in width.  Deep rich color with lots of character.  Most dimensional lumber is rough sawn and contains circular sawmarks.  The most common species are Oak, Beech, and Poplar.  We occasionally have Maple, Cherry, Walnut, and Hickory.
Barn beams are rough sawn with circular sawmarks or hand hewn with ax marks.  They come in a variety of lengths and dimensions ranging from 4"x4"-16"x16".  They have a rustic look with lots of character.  You will often find old mortise and tenons, nail holes, and sometimes original wooden pegs.  The most common species are Oak, Beech, Poplar, and Heart Pine.
Antique Tin

Tin reclaimed from barn roofs has a rich rustic patina on side and cleaner silver color on the other.